"You Know You're Old When..." Tech Edition

"You Know You're Old When..." Tech Edition

Taryn Williford
Aug 19, 2011

Older folks can steer clear of fine lines with skin care. Some teenagers like to listen to jazz. But only a thirty-something can remember when they had a cell phone without a camera. The best predictor of your age isn't your wrinkles or your taste in music, it's technology.

Nothing will make you feel more gray-haired than when your nephew asks, "What's a Walkman?" So in the spirit of fun, here's a Jeff-Foxworthy-style list of ten more tech-minded memories designed to make you feel old.

You know you're old when...

1. Your email address is @hotmail.com or @aol.com.

2. You had a cell phone before they had cameras.

3. You've bought something from a catalog over the phone.

4. You know that the "save" icon is the image of a floppy disk.

5. You can remember your childhood neighbor's phone number, but not any of your current friends' cell numbers.

6. You've ever had to wait for film to develop to see the image you captured on your camera.

7. You've ever carried around a CD case for your Discman.

8. You still think of 3D glasses as the ones with red and blue lenses.

9. You remember when modems made noise while connecting (also if you remember the difference between baud rate).

10. You listen to FM radio more than Pandora or Last.fm.

*A few more added:

  • You still use a mouse with a roller ball inside.
  • You still refer to going online as going onto the net.
  • There's still a tinge of excitement when you hear, "You've got mail".
  • You've still got files saved on Jaz and Zip Drive discs.
  • The keyboard you're using is an original model which makes a clickety-clack mechanism sound when keys are pressed (which we sorely miss).

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