Powering Up Clean With Portable Solar Chargers

Powering Up Clean With Portable Solar Chargers

Joel Pirela
Sep 8, 2011

Yesterday Range shared how to keep your laptop and portable gear charged up on-the-go for up to tens of hours away from an outlet. But there's another option for travel charging duty, especially if for just 1-2 small portable devices, and it's the most environmentally friendly option: solar chargers.

Dunhill Solar Charger
With a swing out design and high grade materials, the Dunhill folding solar charger takes the cake design-wise. The aluminum folding cover protects the panel/glass material and it even comes with a leather carrying case! On looks alone, we'd consider this the frontrunner of chargers, but it also happens to offer 30 hours of charge time for your phone or digital audio player.

1800mAh Solar Charger
A great multi-functional solar emergency charger with a built in lithium battery of 1800 mAh that looks almost like a smart phone itself. You can charge and use at the same time your smart phone, camera and mp3 player. The form factor makes it stylish while functional at the same time.

Solar Mobile Charger
With a design cue lifted from the iPhone's own industrial design, the Solar Mobile Charger comes also with a built-in 3500mAh rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery, so you can leave the charger collecting rays and storing energy for later use when an AC plug is not near by. A large surface area of panels means faster charging, though the quality of this product is suspect as it's a generic item.

iPetals Solar Charger (Concept)
The iPetals is a great solar charger concept that uses solar panels that spread to gather solar energy and then, they collapse to create a stand for your phone. A small form factor while being closed while being efficient when deployed for optimal energy gathering.

Other Solar Alternatives:
Solio Portable Charger
XTG Tech Premium Solar Charger
Solar P-Flip by Dexim

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