Solar Ivy: Awesome Solar Energy Delivery Devices

Solar Ivy: Awesome Solar Energy Delivery Devices

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Aug 5, 2011

We love the idea behind Solar Ivy, the small ivy-like solar energy gathering devices developed by Brooklyn-based SMIT ("Sustainable Minded Interactive Technology"). These tiny individual solar panels are affixed to buildings via a flexible, bendable stainless steel mesh that curves around almost any surface. For a more decorative touch, the leaves can also be arranged in lighter concentrations over windowed areas to act as a sort of filter or screen...

According to SMIT, Solar Ivy "provides shade while collecting and converting sunlight into usable energy. A home or business utilizing Solar Ivy enjoys substantial savings from having to run air conditioning and HVAC units less."

Solar Ivy's modularity allows for customization on a number of levels, including:

  • Color: Each leaf of Solar Ivy can be colored to order to meet aesthetic purposes or to "paint" your organizations name or logo.
  • Spacing: Density of Solar Ivy leaves can be increased or reduced depending on goals for energy gain, visibility requirements, or architectural needs.
  • Photovoltaic Type: Solar Ivy can be produced with one of several types of photovoltaic material depending on your energy production and environmental objectives.
  • Orientation: At any given geographical location there is are a range of pitch orientations available to Solar Ivy's leaf shape. In designing a Solar Ivy solution we can take into account architectural and aesthetic priorities by adjusting the leaves to have more or less pitch, or angle at different places.

Solar Ivy can be installed on the roof or walls of your home or garage, a shade a deck or patio, and all building types using standard electrical hardware to allow easy integration with existing power service or for on–site battery storage. For more about Solar Ivy, download the product sheet [PDF].

SMIT is currently taking orders for the first commercially available version of Solar Ivy. Price available upon request.

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(Images: Solar Ivy)

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