Re-Nest On... Expensive Green Furniture and Angry People

Re-Nest On... Expensive Green Furniture and Angry People

Cambria Bold
Mar 28, 2011

This weekend I received an email from a woman who told me (and the Re-Nest team, I presume) that I made her "sick to her stomach" because of my "high-priced crap mentality." Specifically, she wrote: "Get off my planet and take your high-priced stupid furniture with you. Mother Earth has no need of you or your crap. I believe you can catch a ride out on the next Tsunami." (Truly, a great email to start my Sunday morning.) But despite this woman's incredibly indelicate and hostile way of expressing her frustration, I understand where she's coming from: what's the point of blogging about products and furniture that the average person can't afford?

I wrote about this once before, and still stand by it. In our view, it's important to remember that green design is not all about upcycled crafts; it's not all about anti-consumerism; it's not about one-size-fit-all solutions; it's not all about being rich; and it's not all about being frugal.

At Re-Nest, we believe in writing about a range of products, both budget and aspirational, both repurposed and new construction. We don't believe our readers are one type of person; we know that we have readers with different interests, abilities, and income levels. Above all, we continue to believe that great, green design should:

  • be beautiful, durable, and innovative.
  • be against throwawayism.
  • be able to improve your life and the planet without sacrificing style and comfort.
  • encourage thoughtful, careful purchasing.
  • celebrate both thrift AND aspiration.

That last point is really key: the designers and companies that are shaping our future are worth knowing about, even if their products are currently out of our price range. Our hope is that one day, they won't be—hopefully one day, their ideas, design philosophies, and production and manufacturing processes will have become standard practice, and thus more accessible.

What do you think?

(Image: Totally Severe)

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