Do Portable Gaming Systems Matter Anymore?

Do Portable Gaming Systems Matter Anymore?

Joel Pirela
Aug 31, 2011

There's a quiet war being waged right now between last generation's reigning champions of portable gaming and the new upstarts on your smart phone. As popular as Mario once was on the Nintendo Gameboy, games like Angry Birds on your smartphone is likely where you're gaming now. But some still believe there's nothing like a dedicated gaming platform that won't interrupt your gaming with text messages or other smartphone distractions. Has the portable gaming platform seen its best days already?

Here are a few portable gaming platforms we think bridge the gap between yesterday and today:

iPod Touch
In essence an iPhone without the phone capabilities. It also happens to be an excellent gaming platform for the occasional gamer. Besides the fact that you can download thousands of apps available right now, the A4 chip does well at rendering games clear and fluid. The multi-touch screen can take getting used to if you're a physical control gamer, but acclimation is quick and tilt and accelerometer sensors and to many titles experiences.

Sony Xperia Play
The Sony is more like a phone made for gamers. Some people even call it "the PlayStation Phone". It comes with real console controls that slide out from the phone. It comes pre-loaded with 7 games that will test your skills and when you master those, you can even access 1000's of titles available to download. The dedicated gaming keys, makes the handset easy to operate with a familiar layout for gaming input. 4" color screen with 16 million colors. The processing power comes from a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 205 graphical processor optimized for gaming.

Nintendo 3DS
This is a great experience. Its features a 3D gaming system that doesn't requires special glasses. The screen uses some kind of stereoscopic technology that gives objects within the game a feeling of space and depth. You actually navigate thru the game avoiding obstacles and pop at you, making the experience more immersive. You can even use the 3D slider to select how much 3D you want. That's cool. It also comes with a motion and gyro sensor, so your character goes where and when you move around.

Sony PlayStation Vita
It features WiFi connectivity and a huge 5" multi-touch OLED screen with rear touch pad. It also has front and rear cameras, motion sensors and more. The analog sticks make for real hands on gaming control with no delay or errors. The two cameras blur the line between the real world and the gaming environment. You can even store the game and level in the cloud for everywhere access. WiFi connection makes easier to share and add a new level of multi-game between friends.

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