Outrageous Kid Parties

Outrageous Kid Parties

The question of "how much is too much?" has come up a few times in our coverage of kids parties; it can be a sensitive issue and generally the answer is pretty subjective. We think that each family can decide for themselves. TLC has developed the show Outrageous Kids Parties to showcase over-the-top celebrations with 5-6 figure budgets. Ask us again, how much is too much? This, pretty much.

The production values are comparable to the network's Toddlers and Tiaras and the moms seem to be cut from the same cloth. They speak in superlatives and have a fierce competitive streak, determined to throw the biggest, best, craziest parties. There has been a princess party, but it seems that each episode gets zanier and more excessive than the last, with themes including 80s, Willy Wonka, Cleopatra and medieval magic. Most parties feature professional dancers and an original song written for the birthday kids and the children are typically primped by professional hair and makeup artists. Several episodes are devoted to preschool graduation parties.

Like the pageant moms, the moms featured on this show seem to be much more invested in the details than their kids, who often seem squeamish about the whole thing. It makes for interesting viewing, especially for many Ohdeedoh types who try to throw simple, child-centered parties with homegrown elements. Imagine the opposite of that and you'll have Outrageous Kid Parties. Check out the schedule at TLC.

Anyone watching?

(Image: TLC)

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