The Best of Open Source Software

The Best of Open Source Software

Jesse Leikin
Aug 4, 2011

Open source software is everywhere. From video players applications to entire operating systems like Android or Linux, open source projects have migrated from the fringes of the geek into mainstream adoption. This in turn has led to more people working on the development of applications with better features and friendlier interfaces. With open source software becoming more comparable to their pricey bigger name equivalents, and in some cases better than their paid counterparts, we rounded up some of the best open source software available for your download pleasure.

We have talked about Gimp before, and we bring it up again for good reason. When it comes to image editing software, Gimp if right up there with the Photoshops of the world. The biggest difference is that Gimp is open source and free. Available for a variety of platforms and in many different languages, Gimp provides 90% of the functionality of paid image editing tools for hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars less.

OpenOffice: Microsoft Office is the de-facto software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, and even presentations. When looking for an open source alternative its important to find one that is compatible. Not only do OpenOffice documents work with MS Office, but OpenOffice also does a good job of keeping an intuitive easy to use interface that makes it easy to get up and running on your new open source software.

VLC: One of the more popular open source projects on the web, VLC is ideal for anyone looking to play a variety of different media formats. Whether your videos have subtitles, are encoded in a strange format or whether you are looking for a clean simple media player, VLC is the best there is. If you are still using your default video player on Windows or Mac, give VLC a try and you will not be disappointed.

FileZilla: If you are looking for a powerful cross platform FTP client, then look no further than FileZilla. Originally created as a class project, FileZilla has gone on to become immensely popular for its ease of use coupled with its powerful capabilities. FileZilla is a must have for basic and more advanced FTP client users.

GnuCash: Whether you are looking to manage personal or small business finances, QuickBooks is what most people default to. However, if you are looking for a powerful, free, and of course open source solutions, GnuCash is the perfect fit. Besides having all of the basic functionality of QuickBooks, the open source nature of GnuCash allows for the extremely tech savvy to manipulate portions of the code to create powerful customized accounting software.

(Image via Flickr user phradaka)

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