My First Apartment: Alysha's Corner of Sin City

My First Apartment: Alysha's Corner of Sin City

Alysha Findley
Aug 8, 2011

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Size/Type: 3 bedroom apartment
Length of Residence: 1 year

Two days after I graduated high school my family moved from New York to Las Vegas. Crazy right? Yeah I thought so too. This was in the mid-90's when Las Vegas was really just becoming what people know of it today. I went to college at UNLV, and after experiencing dorm-life for a year I was ready to get out on my own.

I found this apartment way back before the ease of Craigslist and the rest of the digital age, so I can't even remember how I found this place. It must have been the old school tear-ad stapled to a bulletin board kinda thing. I moved into a typical large Las Vegas apartment complex with two girls that I didn't know. It was in a good location, near the freeway, had a great pool and wasn't too far from school — so I took it.

What I loved about this home: Honestly I really didn't love the actual apartment in the slightest. If I can remember correctly I think it had coral carpeting, aaack! Since I had moved in with people who already lived there I really didn't incorporate any of my stuff into the house but just kept it confined to my bedroom. And, at this point in my life, I didn't care too much about the actual space as much as being independent and free.

What changed when I moved on to my next home: After this year I was over a few things. One being apartments and two being roommates. I moved into a townhouse in a great neighborhood with my boyfriend (now husband). It was right across from UNLV, which we were both attending, so it was super convenient and allowed us to walk to classes, etc. Living in a walkable neighborhood has since become a high priority for us wherever we go.

Best bit of advice for people moving into their first home: Let your space show who you are. Your style and tastes will change over the years so go all out and experiment with what you love at the moment. It's a great time to figure out your decor style and express who you are so don't hold back.

Image: Las Vegas News Bureau

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