How I Sleep Better Each Night: No Tech in Bed

How I Sleep Better Each Night: No Tech in Bed

Campbell Faulkner
Mar 14, 2011
Our former tech lover is now banished from the bed.

Previously my tech inclination extended all the way into bed. I would fall asleep reading on my iPad or chatting on my iPhone. I noticed a pattern in my personal sleep and well being as I began to become more edgy and tired every morning. Because of this, I have decided to ban tech from my bed.

Obviously this subject is one that has been broached before. The reason I embraced it largely has to do with some observation that might apply to you as well. First, when I used tech devices right up until I went to bed, I never could seem to stay asleep. While I might fall asleep with the device in hand or put it down to hit the hay, I never could stay asleep. The scientific reason for this eludes me, but I have noticed since I stopped playing with my iPad until I fall asleep that I now sleep much better. The second observation I have made is that I also sleep better when I stop watching television in bed. Up until recently I did not have a television in my bedroom.

New iPhone and Remote placement to help reinforce our now tech in bed policy.

The TV has been a very disruptive piece of technology allowing me to stream video from the comforts of my bed. While I thought I was getting used to my late night video binge, I now realize that that those last few hours of stimulation really seem to be hampering my ability to rest properly. To combat my urge to use technology, I have decided to move all of my devices to my closet to charge for the night. When coupled with my attempt to will power myself off of nightly TV, I am beginning to notice my focus shifts away from nightly tech indulgence and into nightly sleep indulgence. That in turn is making me more productive during the day with less fatigue.

My tech ban is complete except that I use my cellphone as my alarm clock. To combat my temptation to use, I have just made it more difficult to reach when in bed. While not a big change, it does keep me from fiddling with it in the middle of the night. Since my personal ban, I can attest to my improvements in sleep quality. I would highly suggest following the advice given in our previous post linked above.

I hope my personal tousle with tech in the bedroom can help you get a better nights sleep as well.

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