Extra Loud Home Theater? Try Sound-Absorbing Blinds

Extra Loud Home Theater? Try Sound-Absorbing Blinds

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 8, 2011

As avid audio junkies and potentially annoying neighbors with a home theater subwoofer in our apartment complex, we're always on the lookout for solutions to reduce our noise footprint. As for felt sound-absorbing blinds, it's certainly something we haven't explored enough, but feel like it has potential as a solution for those who rent instead of own. Maybe more so if they lowered a price a little bit.

As the manufacturer claims:

"This sound-absorbing blind works because sound is absorbed extremely well if there's a rear air layer, 50-200 mm thick, between the blind slats and a wall, when the blind is attached in the usual way. We've utilized this phenomenon to achieve an effect like a sound-absorbing panel, by adding sound-absorbing felt."

Developed by Japan-based company Tokyo Blinds, Feltone essentially merges the sound-absorbing felt found in modern day soundproofing solutions with your standard cheapo blinds found in most rentals, but costing about 90% less than its wall panel alternatives. Not too bad if you ask us.

Unfortunately, we feel the current pricing is still in the 'ridiculously exorbitant' category - about $1500 for a 2m x 2m blind set to be exact. Even though it's marketed towards home theater enthusiasts, even we're weary of paying that much when it comes to something as simple as attaching a few pieces of felt to normal blinds.

For those who rent in the city, it might not be a bad idea to experiment and see how much better the sound resolution improves after tacking on a few pieces of felt to their current blinds. If it works out, shoot us an e-mail and maybe we'll make it a feature!

(Via TechCrunch)

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