DIY Cargo Shorts Schoolbag

DIY Cargo Shorts Schoolbag

Richard Popovic
Aug 31, 2011

I generally do not get too excited about sewing projects but this one definitely grabbed my attention. Maybe it is because, like all great ideas, it seems so obvious, once someone points it out to you. Or maybe it was its timeliness, both for the start of the school year and because I happened to dump half of my oil-rich dinner onto my cargo shorts just a few minutes before I saw it. Whatever the reason, there is no arguing with the results--a very cool, one-of-a-kind bookbag.

Alberto and Brent at ourcraftyhome have a talent for seeing the promise in just about any random item that crosses their path. When the daughter of a friend asked them to make a bookbag for her, they jumped at the chance and came up with the brilliant idea of using an old pair of her cargo shorts. Sturdy material, a bunch of pockets, broken-in fabric--why not? Add a belt for a shoulder strap and you are good to go. The whole project took them two hours and sounds pretty straightforward (but I am admittedly not the best judge on that front). Even better, they take a cocktail break in the middle of the project! These are my type of diy'ers.

Check out the complete tutorial here.

(Image by ourcraftyhome)

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