8 Ways To Protect Your Town's Water Supply

8 Ways To Protect Your Town's Water Supply

Allison Verdoorn
Aug 12, 2011

The water supply for your town is not something you like think about every day. While it might not be on your mind, your actions are affecting it all the time. Care2 has put together 8 ways to protect your town's water supply and you can find the ones that you might be able to tackle at home after the jump.

While a bunch of their tips are geared more to developers and policy makers there is an impact that the rest of us can have on our towns' water supplies. Some of these ideas from Care2 are big, like buying and protecting watershed lands, but others are small, like not dumping in storm drains. Check them out and learn what you can do:

Buying and protecting watershed lands. The more protected land you have, the greater your town's ability to have a healthy water supply.
No dumping into storm drains. Material that enters storm drains ends up directly in the watershed.
Proper disposal of household hazardous waste and medication. While wastewater treatment plants continue to become more sophisticated, it is impossible at this time to filter out all chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Down the line, these chemicals and pharmaceuticals will end up to varying degrees in your drinking supply. Cities and towns that support proper disposal of chemicals and educational efforts for its residents usually will have a healthier water supply. Learn how to properly dispose of paint and medication.
Maintenance of native vegetation along-side streams and wetlands. The vegetation acts as a natural buffer, reducing pollutants and preventing erosion.

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