5 Things to Wait to Buy Until After You've Moved In

5 Things to Wait to Buy Until After You've Moved In

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 15, 2011

No matter how much pre-measuring you do, some things are best purchased after you've already moved in and had a chance to examine how you use your space. Here are a few things that made our list:

1. Rugs: Even if you measured your floors when you viewed your apartment, that doesn't mean you know exactly where your furniture is going to go. You might have an idea, but until you know where things are best to get a great view, or avoid certain things (like covering an outlet), rugs should be held off. They're just as specific to the furniture in your space as they are to the floorplan itself.

2. Small Appliances: Kitchens are tricky spaces and the space small appliances can take up can be easily underestimated. Some things like a microwave are more simple, but things that live inside cabinets are best held off on until you know a spot exists for it to live!

3. Television/Large Electronics: Large electronics are great items to buy on super sales and it can be easy to feel impulsive when you know you might require a new one for your space. Waiting until you're sure on placement and size is a bonus. Even though bigger always seems better, knowing you have space to use it without it dominating the room is a good thing!

4. Thrifted Finds: The beauty and joy that thrifted pieces bring to a space is remarkable. They're also easy to overload on when you're in a transitional state. Hold off until you know exactly which spaces you'd like to fill with treasures, otherwise you could easily find yourself drowning in squirrel statues and chairs that just had to come home with you.

5. Closet Organization: Every closet is different and more importantly how you use the space and access it can be tricky. You might need to put a chair half in front of the door, allowing you a seating area or dressing space, but negating getting to a specific corner. Wait to buy anything more than hangers before you have that space situated!

Is there something you wished you would have waited to purchase until after you were all settled? Did it end in returning or reselling? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image: The Trover's Temporary Pre-Designed Pad

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