Amazing 3D Printed Stool: A Furniture/Object Revolution?

Amazing 3D Printed Stool: A Furniture/Object Revolution?

Nick Siemaska
Aug 1, 2011

On a day this past month, I saw a stool that blew me away and I can't get over it! Not only is it the most innovative piece of furniture I've seen in awhile, it may be the most captivating object I've seen in years. No joke. What makes this stool so special is its functionality, beauty, and most interestingly, the source of its creation — a 3D printer.

The One Shot is a stool created by the French designer, Patrick Jouin. By using a selective laser stinted method (of course it's the selective laster stinted method), the stool emerges in its complete, three dimensional form. This all happens in one single print.

The One Shot is as beautiful as it is practical. Picking up the stool from its center handle allows the stool to automatically contract like an umbrella. When you're ready to sit on the stool again, simply press the legs on the ground and gently push. The chair elegantly spreads back out into its sitting form. Unbelievable.

Like me, you may think that a 3D printed chair would be fragile, but the One Shot is surprisingly strong. The material reminds me of bone, in both shape and texture. Moreover, the stool's natural movement gives off a serious skeletal vibe. But in a good way.

Coming in at $3,200, this stool isn't cheap (buy it online at Moss). But I have to imagine that it is only a matter of time before the 3D printed stool, the 3D printed table, the 3D printed dresser, and a host of other 3D printed objects, are a part of the mainstream. Am I right or am i right?? Or am I wrong? I'm right, right?

Images: MGX by Materialise

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